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Original auto parts at ALVADI

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Original auto parts at ALVADI
A new vehicle is assembled from original parts. Original car parts are made in factories licensed by the auto manufacturer.

Each original auto part has its own unique number called an original equipment manufacturer code or an OEM code.

Enter the part's OEM code in the search field to find exactly what you need.

ALVADI offers original auto parts with worldwide delivery.

Where can I find the part's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) code?

Find the OEM code on the part itself
The OEM is often right on the part itself. For example, the code is shown next to the manufacturer's name in the photo.

Please note that the code can also be located on the bottom or side of the part. Sometimes, it may be hard to see because of the metal's color.
Check the part's packaging
Look for the OEM code on the part's packaging.
Ask your dealer for the part's code
You can get the part's code from your vehicle manufacturer's representative. You can also find the OEM code at your nearest auto repair shop or auto parts store.
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